ecocity word summit 2009 

13-14-15 December 2009 / Istanbul  Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center



Richard Register / President, Ecocity Builders, Oakland, CA

Register is founder of Ecocity Builders, a California non-profit corporation. He is one of the world's great theorists and authors in ecological city design and planning, and a practitioner with three decades of experience activating local projects, and working with environmentalists and developers to get a better city built and running. He convened the First International Ecocity Conference in 1990 and advised on all subsequent conferences in the series. His latest book: Ecocities – Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature, 2006.
Ecocity Builders: 


Prof.Dr. Hüseyin CENGİZ / Yıldız Technical University

Prof.Dr.Huseyin Cengiz graduated from the Architecture Faculty of Yildiz Technical University in 1970 as Architect and in 1971 as Master of Architect.

He continued his academic career in the field of Urban and Regional Planning. He has been a lecturer at the City and Regional Planning Department and at the urban regeneration, urban design and Landscape Planning post graduate program of Faculty of Architecture in Yildiz Technical University.

He completed his PhD in Urban Planning in Yildiz Technical University. Subject of his study is “Decentralization of Economic Activities in the Istanbul Metropolitan City Center and sub centers. With the study of “Evolution of Global Metropolitan City Center of Istanbul“, he became Associate Professor in 1995 and in 2000 he became a professor. The subject of his study was “Istanbul Historical Peninsula, The Definition of Historical City Center in dimensional space“.

His interests are Urban Planning, Metropolitan planning, urban design, urban conservation and regeneration, central business district design and planning, housing planning and landscape planning. On these subjects he was the director of many projects and took part in many of them. He organized several international and national symposiums and seminars on metropolitan planning. On these subjects he has many papers and publications.

Prof.Dr.Huseyin Cengiz is currently the head of Urban and Regional Planning of Architectural Faculty of Yildiz Technical University.



Emeritus Prof.Dr. Semra ATABAY / Yıldız Technical University

Prof. Dr. Semra Atabay graduated from the Architecture Faculty of Stuttgart University in 1968 as an Engineer Architect. She continued her academic career in the field of City and Regional Planning.She has been a lecturer at the City and Regional Planning department and at the Landscape Planning post graduate program of the Faculty of Architecture in Yıldız Technical University since 1970.  She published many books in urban studies, ecological planning and landscape planning. She organized several international symposia and seminars on environmentally sensitive planning with the cooperation of Istanbul Goethe Institute and edited symposia books in German, English and Turkish languages. She has numerous publications especially in the field of sustainable planning.

She was appointed as the director of  the vocational school of Tourism Management at Akdeniz University (1996-1997) and  as the head of the department of Regional and Urban Planning at Yıldız Technical University (1997-2001). She also taught as a guest professor for several semesters at the Hannover, Kassel and Stuttgart Universities as well as at the Berlin Technical University. She taught environmentally sensitive planning at the Women’s University in Germany.  

She received many academic awards from Yıldız Technical University  in recognition of her contributions to Environmental Science. She retired officially in 2005, but continued to lecture at various universities. She is currently teaching at the Yıldız Technical University.

01Paul Downton / Ecopolis Architects, Adelaide, Australia

Paul Downton is Director and Principal Architect of Ecopolis Architects Pty Ltd. Working with his partner Chérie and colleague Emilis Prelgauskas in 1991 he formed Urban Ecology Australia, the national non-profit urban environmental community group which has been actively promoting ecological developments ever since. Paul is a talented artist as well as seminal thinker developing ecocity theory and giving countless public talks, radio, TV and newspaper interviews internationally on ecological architecture, urban ecology and ecopolis and unique experience actually building projects he designs. Paul and his partner Cherie were co-conveners of the Second International Ecocity Conference in Adelaide.

Ecopolis Architects:


Rusong Wang / President, Ecological Society of China, co-convener, Ecocity World Summit

Wang Rusong is head of the Center for Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Science and has been one of the pioneering leaders in ecological city theory and support of those practicing the sciences and arts of ecocity building. He is one of the founders of the Ecology Society of China he has been one of the most accomplished ecologists and champion of solutions in waste treatment and pollution abatement for the health delivery systems in China.  Internationally he is known as one of the founders of SCOPE - the Scientific Committee on Problems in the Environment.  Rusong has convened many conferences for SCOPET kindred to our International Ecocity Conferences. He expounds a theory based on ancient Chinese tradition and modern science, with a growing emphasis on remapping cities for reshaping them for minimum energy demand and maximum ecodiversity.  He is also a member of the Peoples Congress of China.

Ecological Society of China:


Kirstin Miller / Executive Director, Ecocity Builders, Oakland CA

Kirstin Miller is an environmental activist, community organizer, and a writer and editor. She has presented for the organization locally, nationally and internationally. Her articles and essays on ecocities, urban ecology and the environment have appeared in a number of publications, including Orion Afield, Ecotecture and Wilderness and Human Communities, The Spirit of the 21st Century. Kirstin works closely with Ecocity Builders' President Richard Register in the development of the organization's "toolbox" of strategies, such as car free by contract housing, environmental restoration transfer of development rights, centers oriented development, ecological demonstration projects and ecological zoning overlay mapping. She was the lead organizer for Ecocity World Summit 2008 in San Francisco. 

Ecocity Builders: www.ecocitybuilders.org


Zeynep Kaçmaz ÖZTÜRK (PhD)

Dr. Ozturk, completed her undergraduate studies at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of İstanbul Technical University with a BSc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She continued her studies at the Business Economics Institute of University of Istanbul graduating in 1991 from the International Management Programme. She worked at TURBOSAN, the pioneering company at the field of pump and turbine manufacturing in Turkey under the management of Prof. Kaya Baysal. She managed the textile machinery  project at the İstanbul Office Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), under Italian Ministry of Foreign Trade between 1991-1993. Meanwhile, she was awarded a scholarship from British Council FCOSAS programme and graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland with a MSc degree in International Marketing in 1994. She worked as a Technical Assistant at Automotive Industry Association of Turkey until 1996. Than until 1999, she managed the Central Asian Republics Project and worked as a Trade Analyst at the İstanbul Office of Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE). Having lived in London between 2001 and 2006, she completed her PhD in Banking at the Banking and Insurance Institute of Marmara University under the supervision of Prof. Niyazi Berk in 2007. Since then she has been lecturing at various private universities in İstanbul.

She is currently holding the programme director position at the Vocational School of Arel University and lecturing in diverse areas ranging from banking to computer studies.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin CENGİZ - Chair
Prof. Dr. Semra ATABAY
Dr. Zeynep Kaçmaz ÖZTÜRK

Dr. Zeynep K. ÖZTÜRK / Administrator
Ass. Prof. Dr.Yiğit EVREN
Ass. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Doruk ÖZÜGÜL
Ass. Prof. Dr. Elif Örnek ÖZDEN
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