Turkey and US launch Young Turkey/Young America initiative

Young Turkey/Young America is for new relations in a new age, it claimsTurkey and the United States have launched a new initiative called “Young Turkey/Young America: A New Relationship for a New Age”.

The initiative has been launched during US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Turkey March 7 and announced in a joint press conference by Secretary Clinton and Turkish foreign minister Babacan in Turkish capital city of Ankara.

It aims to diversify broad based bilateral relations between the Turkish and American people. The initiative, which is first in kind between the two countries, is likely to have been established to improve the image of the United States in Turkish public opinion, which has suffered a blow since the Iraqi war, while opening up new cooperation areas as a public diplomacy effort.

“Young Turkey/Young America: A New Relationship for a New Age” initiative “will enable emerging young leaders in Turkey and the United States to develop initiatives that will positively impact people’s lives and invest in future ties between the leadership of our two countries” the US Department of State said.

Londonperspectives.com (Londravizyon), 07/03/09